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We are Della & Mallory, a mother-daughter duo with full-time jobs and busy lives that fill every other moment with knitting and growing our business May With Love. 

We started our business six ago when I, Mallory, moved home from college to save up and get some post-grad TLC from my momma.
My mom, Della, would knit her own cotton dishcloths and use the hobby to decompress after a long day. I asked her if she could give me a quick lesson and after that I was knitting away. 
(although now I ponder the quality of those items and wonder if they would even pass the test of a kitchen sink...)

My skills progressed as we brainstormed our name, gifted our knits to friends and family, applied to countless craft fairs, and now in our fourth year, we have done over 100 craft shows and see strangers rocking our knits.

This year we welcomed a new addition to our team, Purl. Our pink mini truck that makes the perfect #knitmobile for shows!

We are learning and growing as we go, but our foundation has always stayed the same: Bonding as Mother & Daughter, and making sure my knitting always passes my Mother's quality checks ;)


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