Hello! I’m Mallory - ½ of May With Love. I was taught how to knit by my mom 3 years ago after moving home from college to save up. After making Christmas gifts for my friends with my new skill, my mom and I jumped into 2017 creating our knitting business. 
My mom is the brains behind the operation. Creating pattens, working with new yarns, and finding hacks to keep our projects cost effective! I create our marketing, website, as well as run sales and operations. I fit in knitting to keep up production as well as to decompress with the madness!
We are learning a lot about growing a business and how it’s much like an iceberg, so little is actually seen at the surface and all the hard work and perseverance is way deep below. 

We do it all by keeping full time jobs as well as fitting in day to day life and family!
Even in all the madness, the best thing is that we get to do it together and enjoy all the experiences, challenges, and wins as a team 

xo, mwl

{ our name comes from the middle name my mother gave, which pays homage to her grandmother, May }

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instagram: @maywithlove_knits